Stunning work by directing duo Ed Braun and Justo Dell Acqua (aka WACHO) from Argentina. Created for Paris-based producer Ateph Elidja, “Burn October” tells the story of life, death and grief in a small Polish settlement in the Argentinean jungle. As Braun shared with us:

“Misiones Province is located in the far north of Argentina, inside the Amazonian jungle. It shares borders with Brazil and Paraguay. All through the second half of the 20th century a lot of Ukrainian, Polish and German families arrived to this area creating colonies and small villages scattered through the jungle, area of the aborigine guarani tribe. In this condition they generated a hybrid culture. We wanted to explore this very improbable culture, especially the idea of death and after-life.”

Watch “Burn October” above. Credits below.


Starring: Pablo Mirwald (Vikingo)
Director: WACHO (Ed Braun & Justo Dell Acqua)

Production (France) : Noside
Production (Argentina) : Pantera & Co
Executive producers: Morgan Prêleur, Rémi Sello, Manu Aguer y Brian Kazez
Dop: Adolpho Veloso
AD: Anabel Leandro
Line Producer: Alberto Ortiz Basualdo
Label commissionner : Pierre Durand
Art Director: Valentina Luppino
Costume Design: Ivi González
Make Up & Hair: Lucrecia Fontana
Casting: Laura Andino
Focus Puller: Diego Mendizabal
2nd Assistant : Francisco Rosso
Gaffer: Juan Pablo Causse
Prop Manager: Lucas Amado
2nd AD: Lucia Lalor
P.A: Heidi Giel
Grading House; BLEACH Sao Paulo
Film Sound Design: Manuel De Andres (Papamusic)
Trailer Sound design: Mateo Yaya (IXYXI)

“BURN OCTOBER” music by Ateph Elidja
Peermusic France / ARMA


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