A wonderful portrait of Los Angeles-based artist Jen Stark by director Ross Haines (previously featured here). In honour of Stark’s new collaboration with Vans for their Customade project, Haines highlights Stark’s interest in fractal imagery, mimetic topographies and sacred geometries through a psychedelic projection display in Joshua Tree National Park. Watch above and see full credits below!


Featuring Jen Stark
Directed by Ross Haines
Sr. Producer: Nate Rogers
Sr. Art Director: Shawn Knight
Sr. Art Director: Ako Jefferson
Creative Director: Matt Even
Project Manager: Kylie Robertson
Producer: Vannie Ly
Production Coordinator: Alex Johnson

Production Co: A-Frames Creative
DP: Chris Zam
AC: John Braderic
Projection Mapping: Cutmod
Sound: Reza Moosavi
Photographer: Tobin Yelland
Original Music: Greg Kuehn @ Peligro
PA: Alex Myers
Hair & Makeup: Golden Shyne
Editor: Bryan Avila
Color: Derek Hansen @ The Mill


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