A group of time travellers meet for their final feast in the latest video from Evelyn Drach (previously featured here). Directed by London-based filmmaker Maddalena McNicholas, “Predator & Prey” delves into a strange world of battling egos, haptic rituals, confused desires and the search for meaning.


Evelyn Drach, Raz Olsher, Kohhei Matsuda,
Mathilda Baynes-Jonker, Nimue Smit,
Yka Schönherr, Jochem Janssen, Merel Van Der Wende,
Bart Hendrikx, Morschi Franz, Andrew Van Den Berg,
Bas Jonker, Arthur Cyrus, Anna Boogard,
Leon Ingelse and Danielle Duisterwinkel

Director: Maddalena McNicholas
DOP: Jack Wells
Editor: Joseph Rodrigues Marsh
Producer: Gabriella Sonabend
Production Design: Sol Bailey-Barker
Hair and makeup: Sophie Theenaart
Styling: Gerritsen Theatercostuums
Location: The Ten Club, Amsterdam

Lyrics and music by Evelyn Drach
Produced and composed by Evelyn Drach & Raz Olsher


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