Director Irrum channels Soviet exercise videos from the 80s in this fantastically odd visualization for Farao. Filmed in Berlin, the synchronized movements draw on the track’s critique of the institution of marriage as a desire to escape yourself by attaching to someone else. Watch “Marry Me” above and click here to check out Irrum’s previously posted work, if you haven’t already!


Kari Jahnsen
Fred Gehrig
Yuri Shimaoka
Elena Francalanci
Yannis Mitsos

Directed by Irrum
DOP: Andres Arochi
Producer: Julia Grüßing
Production Designer: Denise Flamme
Choreographer: Tarren Johnson
Runners & Drivers: Olli Reinke & Jeremy Carne, Jae Tyler & Edith Heidmann
Hands by Angela Chambers
Ladder Climber: Tanne Speetjens
Record Label: Western Vinyl


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