Director Mats Udd and studio Slutet är Nära help Audio Pro celebrate 40 years in the speaker industry with this stunning short showcasing the kinds of sounds that are sure to make your own fond memories come flooding back. “Honour the Sound” takes the idea of sound from a different angle than you might expect from a commercial spot, focusing instead on what Udd’s believes should be the core in all speaker manufacturers — a celebration of sound itself. As he states further:

“I think it is very brave of Audio Pro to dare to make this type of film where we don’t show a single product, where we just show people and how small sounds can bring out big emotions.”

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Written & Directed by Mats Udd
Producer: Petra Krigström
Executive producer: Alexandros Bakos
Music & Sound: Christian Svensson
Offline: Mikael Hallmans
Online: Patrik Janson
DOP: Viktor Skogqvist


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