Gorgeous visuals for Brandon Banks’ track “Blue” by Los Angeles-based director and cinematographer Jacob “Kuba” Bojsza. The song is based on Banks’ personal feelings of uncertainty, self-questioning and the need to constantly assess whether or not the path he’s on is the right one. As he explains:

“I feel stuck in a weird space where nothing is moving forward, or backward, where I’m doing things I used to dream about, but at the same time making a lot of mistakes that constantly derail my life in various ways. I had to name this weird place I constantly found, and find myself in today. The Blue is what came to mind.”

Watch above and see full credits below!


Robb Morris
Devin Lamon
Mrs. Nicholson

Director/DP: Jacob “Kuba” Bojsza
Producers: Natalya Yonathan, Matthew Mucci, Nick Shaya
Selection MGMT: Alex Remes, Jeremy Grinberg
AP/1st AD: Matias Letelier
Cam Op/Loader: Drey Singer
1st AC: Grant Friesen
2nd AC: Amanda Petrone
2nd Unit Cam Op: Sterling Adgate
2nd Unit 1st AC: Sara Robin
Gaffer: Mario Hurtado
Key Grip: Adam Senn
HMU Artist: Fara Conley
Stylist: William Breveard
BTS: Andrea Dosuoto
Colorist: Jack Tashdjian


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