A gorgeously shot film for La Famille Ouellette by Montréal-based director Philippe Grenier (previously featured here). “Kaatunga” follows a young soldier who deserts a mysterious war only to face a different set of challenges — memories and secrets — on his way home.


Jules-Roy Sicotte
Kelly Caseley
Ryan McCarvill
Logan Fulford
Gordon Cobb
Pierre Lebeau
Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard
and Pascale Bussières

Written, directed and edited by Philippe Grenier
Cinematographer: Benoit Jones-Vallée
Production house: DTO Films
Producer: Mylène Levesque
Fixer: Jeff Eagar
First ac: Philippe Auger
Art direction: Mathilde Beaudoin-Tessier
Stylist: Corinne Fortin
Color grading: Simon Boisx
VFX: Philippe Toupin
Sound mixing: Jean-Sébastien Houle


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