A fantastic debut short from Vancouver-based director Kasey Lum (previously featured here). “Kingspin” follows the forging of an unlikely partnership amidst the chaos of a fledgling criminal empire. The project was inspired by the sound of the Romanian language, an appreciation Lum picked up after sharing a house with a girl who routinely transitioned between speaking English and Romanian. Obviously another big source of inspiration — Lum’s love for the “gangster” film genre. As he shared with us:

“One question I found myself asking frequently was: how do I make this a gangster film without being clíché? My answer was: I can’t. I love gangster films because for the most part, they are all the same. It usually starts with someone’s betrayal and then, shit hits the fan, and I really wanted shit to hit the fan.”

Check out Kingspin above and see full credits below!


Élise (French Girl) – Maud Pugliese
Sorin – Mike Doaga
Doru – Raresh DiMofte
John – Stephen McNaughton
Lot Boy – Fletcher Donovan
Ion – Adam Kirschner

Written & Directed by Kasey Lum
Producer: Matt Prior
Director of Photography: Jan Klompje
Editor: Orion Mccaw, Kasey Lum
Assistant Director: Emily Lê

Casting Directors:
Kasey Lum
Jordan Cooper
Adam Kirschner
Britt Schafer

1st Assistant Camera: Mikael Bidard
2nd Assistant Camera: Bryce Zimmerman
Sound Mixer: Sam Beatch
Key Grip: Denis Ogrinc
Grip: Raivo Kruze
Costume Design: Araceli Ogrinc
Makeup: Carole Méthot

2nd unit:
1st Assistant Camera: Jeremy Cox
2nd Assistant Camera: Joel Cox
Grip: Anton Saefkow Seaman

Colourist: David Tomiak
Online Editor: Ryan Mance
Visual Effects: Syafiq Jaafar
Post Sound: Kevin Hamilton
Music Supervisor: Samuel Rutledge
Musical Scores: Cyril Hahn

“Summertime” by Billy Stewart
“Untitled (Future Times)” by Unknown Artist
“Sunny” by Vladimir Petrenko Orchestra

Narration Written by: Sheila Lam
Narration Translated by: Maud Pugliese and Geneviéve Paris-Griffiths

Cameras Provided by: Clairmont Camera
Film Processing by MELS
Imaging Transfers by Film House

Thanks To:
Clairmont Camera Vancouver
Brightside Cinema
Silver Lining Post
William F. Whites
Cole Graham
Cycle Media
Victor Norberg
Britt Schafer
Monique Lum
Kelly Lum
Cyril Hahn
Norm Li



Kasey Lum’s Website

Kasey Lum on Vimeo

Kasey Lum on Instagram


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