Another compelling sci-fi offering for MUTO by London-based director Lexi Kiddo. Taking the idea of the way we cling to memories through the images we have of them, “Cloud Party” follows an older woman who is actually able to access vivid moments with her past lover. Yet, how much of the memory is real and the consequences of such indulgence is much less clear. Click here to check out Kiddo’s previous work, if you haven’t already!


Featuring Jo Price and Katrina Anne Ward
Directed & Produced by Lexi Kiddo
DOP: Edward St Paul
1st AC: Muhanned Haraz
Production Assistant: Ben Chapman
Make-up: Gina Dowle
VFX Artist: Louis Du Mont
Colourist: Caroline Morin (CHEAT)
Thanks to: Domenico Raimondi, Stefano Sbarra and Hugo Yanguela


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