A wonderfully fantastical short by Los Angeles-based director and cinematographer Brandon Kapelow. Inspired by the music of Tispur aka Samwise Carlson, “Dewhorn” tells the story of a young boy who escapes into the woods to indulge his fantasies only to find himself longing to return home. Visually adapting the world of Carlson’s lyrics as well as tapping into his own personal nostalgia, Kapelow further explains:

“Dewhorn is a story about escapism, belonging and what happens when the world of your imagination is more appealing than what you encounter in your daily life. Being a Wyoming native who moved to LA to pursue filmmaking, that conflict for me exists between an urban lifestyle and a constant desire to get back into nature. We were very fortunate to tap into Sam’s creative community in Boise, Idaho which was extremely generous and supportive of this project.”

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Based on the song “Dewhorn” by Tispur

Little Boy – Alasdair McLenna
Mother – Juliana McLenna
School Teacher – Kyra Bernauer
Buried Muse – Samwise Carlson
Forest Spirit – Easton Dufur
Extras – Baron Wilson, Grayson Carter, Liam Sweeney, Desmond McLenna

Director + Writer: Brandon Kapelow
Producers: Matthew Wordell, Jesse Hays, Brandon Kapelow
EP: Jennifer Goodridge
Assoc. Producers: Charlie Balch, Laurel Thomson, Loren Hill
1st AD: Jesse Hays
DP: Luke Orlando
1st AC: Lila Streicher
Drone Pilot: Matthew Wordell
Steadicam: Brandon Kapelow
Prod. Coordinator: Izze Rump
PAs: James Richardson, Parker Nettles, Aaron Rodriguez, Sara Greyfox, Louie Bash
Watercolor Animation: Bobby Moser
Production Designer: Alyssa Pearson
Art Director: Caitlin Goff
Costume & Creature Design: Odette Mattha
Wardrobe Stylist: Bronwyn Leslie
Set Decorator: Kyra Bernauer
Editor: Brandon Kapelow
Sound Design: Jackie! Zhou
Sound Mixer: Tucker Grindstaff
Harp – Matthew Tutsky
Violin – Brynn Givans
Viola – Judah Claffey
Cello – Jake Saunders

The Mill, Chicago
VFX Producer: Mike Pullan
Color EP: Laurie Adrianopoli
Color Producer: Dan Butler
Colorist: Mikey Pehanich
Compositor: Jonny Freeman
Nuke Artist: Ruth Meridjen
Color Assist: Lindsey Mazur

DI – Cinelicious
DI Producer: Estelle Mataranga
Film Processing & Scanning: Fotokem, Pro8mm

Special Thanks: Ben McLenna, Spencer Creigh,
Laurel Thomson, Mishka Kornai, Ariel Fisher,
Drew Heskett, Fotokem, Judy Engle, Nico Aguiolar,
Kevin Calero, Pro8mm, Heidi Parker,
Eric Gilbert, Cinelicious, Dan Carr,
Nick Roney, Matt Carter, The Mill, Dan Thomas,
Edwards Greenhouse, Luke Lucas, Sean Conaty,
Duck Club, Kylie George MacEntee, Kauai Moliterno,
Chef Amy, Alex Satterlee, Erin Sweeney,
Erich Wilhelm Zander, Beyond Ideas, Thomas Wilson,
Daniel Frantz, Eastside Camera, Kaelin Wilson,
John McGrath, Brigette Nelson



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