A depressed clown tries to start a band in this fun video for Honyock’s track “Patron” by director Graham Lovelis of California-based Grimace Collective. Driven by the belief that the Sacramento band deserves to be heard, Lovelis did everything he could (including taking up amateur clowning) to make a video that would be equally worthy of being seen. Describing the project as “a study on how to make music videos on the cheap,” the entire production came together with just a 3-person crew. As for the idea behind the clown, Lovelis delightfully explains:

“The concept for this video was born out of an absurd discussion between me and Spencer from Honyock about casual clowns, ego, addiction, codependency, rebirthing (you have to give birth to yourself in order to psychologically deal with your mother’s physical pain). You know, casual lunch discussions. The rest of the ideas came from just putting some pen to paper and letting it flow. Most of my favorite concepts involve not overthinking. Is it interesting, original, fun? Do it.”

Check out “Patron” above and full credits below!


Graham Lovelis
Sutton York
Dustin Lovelis
Beau Trembly
Alyssa Stubbs
Yessenia Morena

Directed by Graham Lovelis
DoP: Paul Kahler
1st AC: Beau Trembly
Titles: Sofia Vargas
Sound Design: Dustin Lovelis
Production Company: Grimace Collective

Song: “Patron” by Honyock
From the album El Castillo
Label: Friendship Fever




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