A remarkable visual accompaniment to Tibetan singer Yesh’s debut track, “VII,” by directors Jason Sondock and Simon Davis aka rubberband. (previously featured here). Teaming up with creative director Bryan Wolff and art director Tal Midyan, the New York-based filmmaking duo produced and directed the video which follows three generations of women in a haunting and symbolic exploration of memory, the afterlife and finding peace in the absence of those we love. They’re also working on adapting the project into both a physical and online installation, as Sondock explains:

“The interactive website recognizes your IP address, and every time you visit the site or refresh the player it generates an entirely custom re-edit of the music video via a proprietary algorithm we’ve developed. Conceptually, it plays on the idea of memory and how our memories come to us in entirely unpredictable and nonlinear sequences. It has roughly 6.2 billion different permutations, roughly one for every human on earth.”

Watch “VII” above and see full credits below!


Grandmother – Carmen Cooper
Mother – Adrienne Wagner
Daughter – Gabby Beredo

Written / Directed / Installation: rubberband.
Creative & Art Direction: Tal Midyan & Bryan Wolff
Photography: Sam Cutler-Kreutz
Producer: Chloe Rash
Executive Producer: Lorenzo Ragioneri
Editor: Simon Davis
Gaffer: Ben Potter
1st AC: Jasmine Chang
2nd AC: Ryan Beggs
PAs: Lauren Cortina, Bruce Simmons, Natalie Nieves
Colour: Gene Curley @ Nice Shoes
VFX: Roman Bilichenko & Kao Cheng Kai
Casting: Stephanie Porto

Thanks to:
Ahmad Swaid, Millie Ross, Lafeverre Excavating
The town of Andes, NY
The town of Bovina, NY


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