A wonderfully surreal short by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Albert Choi. Taking a break from commercial work to recharge and explore a passion project based around the idea of finding ‘true north,’ Choi explains:

“I was interested in a layered story — shaping a compelling narrative where it’s about what you eliminate as much as what you show. I find that it’s better to have questions than answers you can’t question.”

Watch “The Idea of North” above and see full credits below!


A film by Albert Choi
Executive Producer: Davis Hong & Albert Choi
Producer: Benjamin Koh
Assistant Producer: Joy Choi
Starring: Yukina Takase
Camera: David Ethan Sanders, Josh Park
First Assistant Camera: Jonathan Chen
Production Sound: Ferdinand Almalvez, Michael Cooper, Adam Young
Gaffer: Kenneth Yeung
Swing: Chang Park
Production Assistant: Jaehoon Jung
Production Designer: Kris Matsuoka
Stylist: Yoojin Chung
Hair & Make Up: Jenny Kong, Emma Park
Score: Keith Kenniff (Goldmund)
Sound Design: Allen Blickle
Colourist: Gregory Reese
Thanks to: Duroo, Mill & Elizabeth Newman,
Clarice Chin, Linda Jackson, Diane Valera,
Emily Ryan, Alex Moulton, Chris Donovan,
Nancy Chang, Skim, T&T, GAvinski, DJ Daniel


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