A dreamy and nostalgia-filled short by London-based director and photographer Jake Jelicich (previously featured here). Equal parts documentary portrait and music video, the abstract film follows Australian model Suzy Woo in the month leading up to her departure from her hometown of Queensland. While originally setting out to make a fashion film, Jelicich ultimately decided to shoot Woo wearing her own clothes and in the places she and her friends used to hang out. The project similarly draws on Jelicich’s personal connection to and nostalgia for the country he grew up in, as he explains:

“I found myself looking through the lens at familiar landscapes in a completely different way, fresh eyes from living in London. Buried deep underneath the dreamy score by Australian artists NOIRE, is a conversation I had with Suzy while we’re lingering at a location. The audio mumbles in the background, the same level as the birds and the waves, as we talk about what she’d like to do in life, her favourite spots in her backyard, and things she’ll miss.”

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