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The 5th film from our friends and favourites The Seaweed Sisters aka Megan Lawson, Jillian Meyers and Dana Wilson! Formed in 2013, the trio of professional choreographers and dancers come together to scratch the itch of “other” — celebrating humour, the unusual and, above all, play. Their vibrant, charming and thoughtful work is already adored by a wide range of audiences and their latest offering simply proves, yet again, their place at the top of their game. Click here for previous posts. Watch “Rather Important” above and see credits below!


Created, Choreographed & Performed by The Seaweed Sisters
Produced by Tak for Tak & The Seaweed Sisters
Written & Directed by Mimi Cave
Adapted by Dana Wilson
Director of Photography: David Bourke
Steadicam Operator: Devin Jamieson
Drone Operator: Jacob Patrick
Editor: Dana Wilson
Colour: Beau Leon
Sound Design: Danny Madden
Title Design: Jessica Wyatt
Production Manager: Heron Bourke
Fish Fabrication: Vice Chief



The Seaweed Sisters’ Website

The Seaweed Sisters on Instagram


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