So many great shots in this poetic short by Amsterdam/Brussels-based directing duo Dr. Bowman. Striving to break the stigma of depression and mental illness, “Leaving Podgorica” offers a portrait — both honest and dream-like — of a man who dares to reach beyond his own inner thoughts and solitude.


Starring Matthieu Sys & Lara Verheijden

Produced, written and directed by Dr. Bowman
aka Laurens Jans & Herman van den Bosch
Cinematographer: Herman van den Bosch
Gaffer: Jamie Drossaert
Montage: Koen Timmerman
Music: Brian McBride
Costum: Lara Verheijden, Ushi De Wijngaert
Head of Postproduction: Hervé Closset
Sound design: Christophe Loerke
Visual Effects: Antoine De Schuyter
Color Grading: Kene Illegems

Thanks to:
LOVO/POST, Camalot, Francois Mercier,
Patrice Gautot, Orlando Van Saelen


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