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Great video for J Bengoy by Burlington-based director Kayhl Cooper. Shot in two days in northern Vermont with a two-person crew, “Armchair” brilliantly explores the track’s themes of apathy and ending up nowhere. While borrowing a broken-down armchair from a friend, and towing it around in the back of a pickup truck sounds fittingly tedious, the project was, ironically, an invigorating break from the daily pressures and mind-numbing work Kayhl was struggling under at the time. As he explained further to us:

“The band originally sent me this song in the winter of 2017. Winter in Vermont (where I live) is a heavy thing. It can be suffocating. The concept snapped into my head almost immediately, and I was able to storyboard the whole thing that night. We wanted the video to feel like busting loose, like a guttural scream, like a crescendo of complacency.”

Watch “Armchair” above! Credits below.


Written & Directed by Kayhl Cooper
Cinematographer: Jack Whitney
Band: J Bengoy – Justin Barton, Charlie Hill,
Ryan Jory, Patrick Freeman, Greg Dallas


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