Really nice look and feel to this video for Idles’ track “Great” by Bristol-based filmmaker Theo Watkins (previously featured here). As Watkins wonderfully describes the mood they were going for:

“We wanted this video to reflect the song’s exploration of a certain type of British nostalgia. It had to look like a seaside postcard, smell like a fry-up and taste like your fourth pint of mild on a balmy afternoon.”

Watch above and see credits below!


Directed by Theo Watkins
Producer: Holly Jackson
Director Of Photography: Jamie Harding
Clapper/Loader: Sophie Powell
Clapper/Loader: Chris Pugh
Camera Trainee: Oliver Cane
Stills Photographer: Iain Allchurch
Edited by Theo Watkins of Old Rope Films
Colourist: Dan Moran

Originated on Kodak Vision3 250D & 500T S16mm
Film provided by Frame24
Processing and scanning by Kodak London


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