A fun animated video for De La Soul’s track with 2 Chainz by New York City-based director Kristian Mercado (previously featured here).


Directed by Kristian Mercado
Creative Director: Brandon Hixon
De Tuco
Script: Sawa & Kristian Mercado & Brandon Hixon
Art Direction: Sawa
Character Design: Sawa – Evelin Unfer
Storyboard: Sawa – Evelin Unfer
3D Supervision: Mariano De Apellaniz – Flavio Bianchi
3D Modelling: Mariano De Apellaniz – Flavio Bianchi – Nico Sparnocchia
Rigs: Flavio Bianchi – Nico Sparnocchia
Shading/Texture/Lighting: Mariano De Apellaniz – Nico Sparnocchia
3D Animation: Pablo Lorenzo, Ignacio Fina, Gabriel Firu Sabsay, Flavio Bianchi, Nico Sparnocchia
Edit & Compo: Claudio Langsam – Fernando Sawa
Prelim Design: Kristian Mercado
Producer: Valentín Alen
Executive Producer: Cecilia Di Tirro
Final Edit: Micheal Reuter
Additional 3D support: Fustic. Studio – Trung Bao, Hai Doan, Nam Le
3D artists: David Manzo, Jason Guerrero
2D Animation: Zach Lydon
SFX 2D animation: Tyler Dibiasio


This video was submitted by Kristian Mercado and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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