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“The Dawn Chorus” by George Wu - BOOOOOOOM TV - A daily selection of the best short films, music videos, and animations.

London-based director George Wu (previously featured here) continues to delight with her latest project. “The Dawn Chorus” celebrates both the beautiful and the ridiculous with a brilliant mix of high-end style and puppetry. Inspired by the early morning moment when birds start to welcome the day, the short piece involves a Jazz quintet, meticulously arranged to trigger a series of colourful puppets as they perform a score by composer Athos Tsiopani, created especially for the film.


Written and Directed by George Wu
Producer: Cherry Jordan
Music: Athos Tsiopani
Director of Photography: Ian Forbes
Editor: George Wu
Grade: Vic Parker
Art Department: George Wu and Arthur Harmsworth
Camera Assist: Alan McIlrath
Gaffer: Robbie Gray
Double Bass: Doug Kemp
Piano: Athos Tsiopani
Trumpet: Finlay Hetherington
Clarinet: Murray Wham
Drums: Terry Peng
Recorded and engineered by Dee O’Leary


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