A refreshing approach to PUMA’s #DoYou campaign by director Piotrek Matejkowski (previously featured here). Set to Mary Komasa and The Dumplings’ “Jestem Kobieta” (I’m a Woman) — a track recorded specifically for the spot — the video explores themes of empowerment and living life on your own terms, only through visuals that feel far more relatable than the over-the-top scenes one typically sees. As Mateikowski explained to us, while #DoYou is “a manifesto for all women” he and his team were ultimately trying to tell a “simple story in a unique way.”

Check out the project above and see full credits below!


Song title: Jestem Kobieta
Performance: The Dumplings & Mary Komasa
Lyrics: Jacek Cygan
Music: The Dumplings
Production & musical arrangement: Kuba Karaś
Mix & mastering: Rafał Smoleń
Executive producers: Piotr Kujda, Marcin Pyszora
Client: PUMA | Katarzyna Węsławowicz, Natalia Pelczar
Agency: high& |

Ania Bielawska
Dominika Zatorska
Mary Komasa
Justyna Święs
Kuba Karaś

Director: Piotrek Matejkowski
Director of Photography: Mikołaj Syguda
Script: Gabriel Wołoszyn, Tomasz Dubiel
Co-scripted: Piotrek Matejkowski
Executive producer: Kuba Ranik
Producer: Łucja Zaorska
Production Assistants: Adam Chlebowski, Pela Kujda
Location Manager: Paweł Jończyk
Editor: Kuba Tomaszewicz
Casting Director: Sylwia Błaszczyk
Costume Designer/Art. Director: Weronika Wojtach, Zofia Jocek
Makeup: Laura Karaś
Steadicam: Adam Mendry & Marcin Przywara, Maciej Tomków & Sławek Wierzbicki
Focus Puller: Maciej Barański
Camera Assistant: Kamil Starowicz
Making Of: Karolina Zajączkowska
Postproduction: Expresso Post Production
Grading: Frederick van Eeden
Online: Rafał Paruszewski
Sound: Grzegorz Sorbee Sorbian
Postproducer: Ela Mikołajczyk
Transport: Andrzej Gawryluk, Robert Gałecki
Production: OTO FILM


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