A poignant and timely short by Sydney-based filmmaker Sunday Emerson Gullifer. Featuring a beautiful performance by Matilda Ridgway, “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” follows a working theatre actor who starts to question her calling when she plays Lady Macduff in an increasingly violent production of Macbeth. The film’s epigraph comes from a piece in The Guardian on the ‘boys club’ of theatre where Ridgway reflects on an incisive remark she made during a Q&A in Canberra for Hamlet:

“Well, as a female actress you get really good at crying and taking your clothes off—sort of like how the male actors get really good at sword fighting and having all the dialogue.”

Watch “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” above and see full credits below!


A Victorian College of the Arts film
Written & directed by Sunday Emerson Gullifer
Produced by Alexandra George
Cinematographer: Jack McAvoy
Editor: Andrew Kristiaman
Composer: Kelly Ryall
Sound: Lachlan Harris & Thom Kellar, Folklore Sound & Music
Production Designer: Daphne Do
Costume Designers: Ashton Langdon & Greta Thompson-Weiner
Fight Choreographer: Felicity Steel

Matilda Ridgway
Mark Leonard Winter
Charlotte Nicdao
Amanda LaBonte
Matt Boesenberg


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