The first episode in Monster Children’s new photography and travel series, Everywhere Unseen. Challenging the image of the solitary photographer, Jake Mein, Beth Eastell, Jereme Aubertin and Nick Rapley shoot side-by-side, giving us a glimpse, not only of the best their homeland has to offer, but their own unique takes on the exact same spots.


Directed by Chris Searl
Produced by Jam Hassan
Cinematography by Sam Brumby
Editor – Lincoln Caplice
Additional Cinematography – Jam Hassan
Design – Matt Pike
Title Animation – Radge

Jake Mein
Beth Eastell
Jereme Aubertin
Nick Rapley

Soaked Oats – Houdini
Fait – Reverie
Borderline – C3NC

With thanks:
Canon Australia
Lake Wanaka Tourism
Lucas Townsend
Gizelle Regan
Rangi Ormond
Roscoe Moore
Sam Wilson
Nicola at Direct Rentals
Nadine at Gaga
Aspiring Helicopters
Gary and Henry


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