A poetic short from New York City-based cinematographer Patrick Golan. While we’ve featured a lot of Golan’s work in the past (click here for previous posts), this one is a bit more personal. After writing the initial script in his spare time, Golan approached actors and friends he’d worked with on other projects, eventually coming up with locations and evolving his initial ideas, all while in LA for a separate shoot. As Golan shares:

“We scouted the locations over a few days, and shot everything in two days with the equipment I’d been left with from this other project. Just me and the actors, finding all these lovely little moments as we ran from location to location around Santa Monica and Malibu. It was all very organic, the concept growing and changing as we shot and stumbled upon new things. It was a beautiful experience.”

Watch “Pineapple” above and see full credits below!


Kosta Stanisavljevic
Graham Mackie
Lis Craft
Voice Over: Sarah Vanessa

Written/Directed: Patrick Golan
DOP: Patrick Golan
Sound Design: Raphael Ajuelos
Colorist: Josh Bohosky @ The Mill
Color Prod: Evan Bauer
Song: Clair De Lune – Claude Debussy

Thanks to Ricky Campos.




Patrick Golan’s Website

Patrick Golan on Vimeo


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