Director Joscha Bongard perfectly captures the sensation of living through moments that already feel like memories in this video for GiiRL’s track “Downtown.” Following a group of four friends navigating the uncertainty of youth, Bongard explains:

“The video tells from the fine differences between friendship, love and sexual attraction – especially between the two boys. It’s an ode to freedom and melancholy after passing your finals. A lot of changes and the pressure of taking decisions that will affect your whole life.”

Watch “Downtown” above and see full credits below!


Starring: Jonathan Berlin, Alban Mondschein, Ella Morgen, Zoe Valks

A Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Production
Producer: Felix Schreiber, Stella Markert
In Association with LE BERG: Yannick Fauth, Sebastian Raphael

Director: Joscha Bongard
Editor: Wolfgang Purkhauser
DoP: Christopher Behrmann
1stAC/2ndAC: Verena Mühling/Christina Verena Bauer
Gaffer: Holger Enck, Max „Magic“ Rauer
Electricians: Matthias Kreter, Vreni Sarnes
Original Sound: Moritz Schulz
Sounddesign: Paul Powaljaew
VFX Supervisor: Johannes Lübke
Coloring: Jakob Sinsel
Casting/Art Department/Styling: Stella Markert
Unit Manager: Lukas Lankisch
Line Producer: Thomas Lechner
Digital Film Enigneer/Distribution: Cordula Landt

Filmgestaltung 1/2018
Supervising Professor: Jochen Kuhn
Tutor: Nils Knoblich

Special Thanks:
Jens Nägele, Max Fischer, Jennifer Mallmann, Lea Lembke, Fabienne Priess, Louis Hofmann, Maite Bengsch, Nils Gustenhofen, Leopold Pape, Emilia Wieding, Marleen Mayr, Alma Buddecke, Karl Heidelbach, Walter Bäßler, Horst Weissinger, Tim Jaiser, Alice Theimer, Alexander David, Olga Müller, Maximilian Pittner, Magdalena Wolff, Bernd-Siegfried Michalek, Matthias Wagenführ, Peter Beutel, Bettina Strauss, Alnatura, Alpina Farben, Nicolas Blankenhorn, Jannis Birsner


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