The last of video in Los Angeles-based director Merlin Camozzi’s four-part series for Saro’s EP Boy Afraid (previously featured here). Inspired by the work of the late Chinese photographer, Ren Hang, and images of interlocking bodies, “All Limbs” features a series of bodily designs by choreographer Teddy Forance. Camozzi further explains the concept behind the project:

“Earlier in the video series, Saro fights against his demons, but by the time we get to All Limbs, he learns to embrace those same demons, which is what leads to growth and freedom.”

Watch above and check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below!


Director: Merlin Camozzi
Artist: Saro
DP: Julia Swain
Choreographer: Teddy Forance
Producer: Linda C. Riedmann







Merlin Camozzi on Vimeo

Merlin Camozzi on Instagram


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