A mysterious crew of workers lend their assistance to downtrodden cosmic travellers in this unique video for MwS by London-based director Raoul Paulet. Watch “Island” above and see full credits below!


Presented by Human Patterns & Red Gallery
Director: Raoul Paulet
Art Director – Costumes: Urte Janus
Executive Producer: Giuseppe Percuoco
Producer: Cecilia Linares
Produced by: Human Patterns & Red Gallery
Set Designer: Jaclyn Pappalardo
Set Designer Assistant: Laura Little
Additional Production Design: Giona Fiorentino
DoP: David Bird
Gaffer: Dan McCormick
1AD: Arturo Baldinelli
Handyman/Thecnician: Gergely Pal Konrady
“Fish” Costume Designer: Mage Kacinskaite
Costume Assistant: Gerda Krutaja
MUA Band: Martyna Parzniewska
MUA Characters: Maria Dagostino, Eyrelan Menzies, Monica Favelae
Sound Design: Livio Paulet
Backstage & set photos: Eric Oliveira

Mark Huges
Pia Laborde Noguez
Rodrigo Penalosa Pita
Jimena Larraguivel
Petra Casale

Thanks to:
Elisa Cecilli
Giuseppe Percuoco
Yarda Krampol
Red Gallery
Last Days Of Shoreditch
Family & Friends


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