The latest music video for indie three-piece, Jiants, by Toronto-based director Aidan Johnston. Inspired by the idea of creating a ‘lonestar’ type character and building on the track’s themes of being stuck by one’s own inability to take action, Johnston explains:

“We wanted to explore what that loneliness and self-isolation could look like in a modern city, and there wasn’t anywhere we could picture being more empty and beautiful than the Toronto islands in the middle of winter. So that’s how it came to spending 3 1/2 minutes with a character who lives there year round.”

Watch “Plan” above and see full credits below.


Featuring Duke Oofnik
Director: Aidan Johnston
Cinematography: Nikolay Michaylov
Editor: Maria Todorov – Topouzov
Colour: Kevin Luttman
Camera Assistant: Nick Tiringer
Producers: Aidan Johnston & Jesse Landen
Production Assistant: Adam Kesey


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