An inspiring portrait of musician Geno Oceano by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Iqbal Ahmed (previously featured here). Iqbal first met Geno through Can Do Musos — a global community that define themselves by their shared passion for music rather than their disabilities. A new member but “possibly the most passionate of the bunch,” Geno eventually entrusted Iqbal to tell his story, a gesture Iqbal regards as one of the “highest honors” in the business. Although key to Iqbal’s success is the humbleness of his approach and profound willingness to acknowledge his inability to do just that. As he shared with us:

“I think a lot of short documentaries sometimes oversimplify their subjects due to a short film’s time restraints. I really wanted to maximize Geno’s complexity. To acknowledge that I really CAN’T tell his entire story in four minutes. But I can show you diverse aspects of the man. That’s my attempt to show the most rounded person I can. And I also think that’s why the journey feels larger than the four-minute runtime.”

Check out “Offbeat” above and see full credits below.


Director: Iqbal Ahmed
Cinematographer: Andrew Shankweiler
Editor: Cyndi Trissel
Music: Sean Sumwalt
Sound Mix: Jacob Houchen
1st AC: Nich Musco
Color: Kinan Chabani
Titles: Massive Assembly
Additional Music: Fernando Perdomo

Special Thanks:
David Segal
Can Do Musos
Candace Crain
Andrew Goh
Lauren Nicollette
Vernon, Michelle, and Cody Russell
Joey Meza


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