Brilliant DIY effects in this video for Gengahr by London-based director Jamie Whitby (previously featured here). The result of over 2500 16mm frames individually cut out and set against hand-painted backgrounds by Katy Beveridge, “I’ll Be Waiting” highlights the relationships of three real-life couples. Actually, as Whitby shared with us, the DoP Spike and producer Scarlett who made up their little crew of three, just so happen to be a couple too! As for the process itself, Whitby explains:

“The cutting out I did pretty much frame by frame with masks in After Effects over about four 16-hour days. I originally wanted to do it with paper and an actual scalpel but quickly realised that wouldn’t have been possible in the time frame we were working with. It was still painfully laborious – the temptation to let After Effects automate the rotoscoping was real but in the tests I did beforehand it looked too digital. It’s quite a delicate balancing act – if you’re too careful you lose the lovely mistakes that provide that analogue feel; if you’re too messy the silhouettes end up making no sense. One thing I didn’t probably didn’t think about enough was couples with arms entwined – cutting those out was a real fucker, involving multiple layers and masks.”

Check out “I’ll Be Waiting” above and see full credits below!


Directed by Jamie Whitby
Producer: Scarlett Barclay
Executive Producer: Sorcha Bacon
Director of Photography: Spike Morris
Animation: Katy Beveridge
Editor & VFX: Jamie Whitby
Casting Director: Coralie Rose || Road Casting
Casting Assistant: Bardha Krasniqi
Colourist: Spike Morris

Emile James
Alexandra Yellop
Pippa Sa
Chloe Knight
Tiegan Rice
Khariis Ubiaro


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