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Choregrapher Nicolas Huchard somehow figures out a way to convey laziness through movement in this fun dance video for Suzane’s track “L’a Flemme” by director Neels Castillon (previously featured here). See full credits below.


Directed by Neels Castillon
Choreography by Nicolas Huchard
Dancers: Natsuko Amano Ferguson, Ruiko Akikusa, Zhao Yi
Production Company: Motion Palace
Executive Producer: Ariane Cornic
Producers: Emilie Mallen, Marie-Gabrielle Glock
Production Coordinator: Sandrine Laveau
Cinematographer: Eric Blanckaert
1st AD: Thibaut Koralewski
1st AC: Kevin Rosé
2nd AC: Marina Piantoni
Hair & Make-Up: Olivier Chauzy
Stylist: Romain Antonini, Alicia Antonini
Editor: Sébastien Rouquet
Post-production: Mikros Image
Colorist: Sébastien Mingam
Camera & Lenses provided by RVZ


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