The director’s cut for Choir Boy’s track “Sunday Light” co-directed by Jordan Utley and Josh Fletcher (previously featured here). Filmed in the masonic temple in Salt Lake City, Fletcher and Utley capture the mediocrity of suburban life, the energy of youth and the patriarchy of religion.


Directors: Jordan Utley & Josh Fletcher
Producer: Subrina Mohr
1st A.D.: Nelson Bruggeman
1st A.C.: Ben Staton
Set Design: Scott Schmidt
Wardrobe: Subrina Mohr
Photographer: Mitch Croghan
Hair & Makeup: Erica Davis

John Anderson
Kimmy Sandmire
Warren Hellbach
Walter Platz
Chad Bibble
Matt Allred
John Davis
Chelsea Jurkiewicz
Zach Taylor
Katie Crose
Tory Berrett
Cassandra Blandon
Preston Tait
Brian Cline


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