A nice portrait of homeless rapper, New York, by director Micah Hamilton and cinematographer Evan Schneider of Los Angeles-based ILDEFONSO. Shot in the district of Skid Row in downtown LA, “Keep Running” showcases the New York City native’s resilience as he shares his perspective on homelessness, personal hardship and music.


Directed by Micah Hamilton
Starring: New York
Production Companies: ILDEFONSO, Amber Film CO
Executive Producers: Micah Hamilton, Spencer Alfonso, Evan Schneider
Producer: Spencer Riley
Director of Photography: Evan Schneider
Editor: Evan Schneider
Original Score: The TVC
Title Song: “Keep Running” Ft. Viane, New York, Simon
Post Production by Schneider Visuals
Colorist: Evan Schneider

Thank you:
Tyler Madsen
The Warehaas
Special Thanks:
Amir Girgis
Garrett Hazen
Cameron Gardenier
Viane Escobar
Ryan Calaunan
Amy Amato
Delaney Farley
Nikola Jovanovic


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