A lone figure fights the temptation to fall asleep in this wonderfully strange video for Par’s track “Método.” As one of the creators, Flavia Quartino, writes:

“Método exists in the edge, between sleep and wakefulness, between life and death, between being alone and being among others, between day and night. It is loving the night, the state in which everyone descends into their own world, into their idiocy, their oniric dialogue with the deceased. Nameless sleepers, apolitical, illogical, sleeping we descend into Hades under the city.”

Check out the video above and see full credits below!


Him: Johonny Rodríguez
Made by:
Flavia Quartino
Florencia Lamas
Adrián Nogueira
Román Benvenuto
Johanna Silveira
Color grading: Sebastián Vázquez
Thanks to: Crazy Horse, Francesca Quartino, Manuel Rilla (and the night)


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