A young couple struggles to navigate a dream-like world in this beautiful video for Elliot Moss’s track “99” by Paris-based director Masaki Shimeno. Featuring more stunning work from cinematographer Kaname Onoyama (previously featured here), and strong performances by Romain Frélier-borda and French model Chloé Lobre (who you might recognize from this recent post). See full credits below.


Directed by Masaki Shimeno
Starring: Romain Frélier-borda, Chloé Lobre
Producer: Maximilien rivolet, Martin Revol
Director of Photography: Kaname Onoyama
Production Director: Nicolas Beauvallet
AC: Sylvain Chaux
AD: Antoine Poulet
Editor: Cyril Besnard
Colorist: Ricky Gausis
Visual Effects: Loris Paillier
Production Company:
Production Executive: Comrade Film Iceland


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