Stunning work by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Merlin Camozzi for critically-acclaimed composer and multi-instrumentalist Julian Scherle aka Són (previously featured here). Coming off Són’s debut EP, “Woods” continues to explore the theme of modern day rituals through a striking mix of sight and sound. In fact, after signing onto the project, the track became part of Camozzi’s own daily routine, as he shared with us:

“I set the song as my morning alarm and for about ten days I woke to it each day. What began to form was a vision of a cult-like group, sitting around a table, eating dinner, but doing so in an incredibly specific and ritualized manner. In my mind, the story was about needing something and being required to conform in order to get it. In this imagined system of conformity—which of course isn’t so far from reality—I imagined that everyone had to learn the social rituals in order to get what they were seeking—food, of course, but also social acceptance and a sense of belonging—and that, while that would work for a while, eventually the system would break down because it was inherently based on behavior rather than emotion.”

Camozzi’s collaborator, Brigid Abreu, helped take the movement-based concept even further by creating a series of gestures (based on an afternoon spent observing people at a café) effectively eliminating the need for a literal dining table. Other friends and performers like Marcus Patterson and  Reshma Gajjar came on board what Camozzi describes as a “no budget passion project.” Although you’d never guess given the result!

Check out “Woods” above and full credits below.


Director: Merlin Camozzi
Choreographer: Brigid Abreu
Cinematographer: Marc Patterson
Editor: Marcus Chan
1st AD: Zack Walker, Kelly Pike
1st AC: Jensen Chambers, Kevin Lee
Gaffer: Kevin Lee
Key Grip: Alan Albert
Grip: Katelyn Patterson

Reshma Gajjar
Brigid Abreu
Claudia Keener
Laura Richardson
Lila Gavares
Nada Jawad
Sarah Lyddan
Tanya Flynn
Annette Bizal
Isa Espy




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