A beautifully shot piece by Los Angeles-based cinematographer and director Cleon Arrey. Structured like the push and pull of Jazz music, “Two Parts Black” offers an experimental expression of blackness and the dual-life black bodies assume in the world. As Arrey shared with us:

“The film depicts this duality in two parts through my own perspective and environment. The first part is the exploration of the world beyond my mother’s comfort, which is inverted, windowed and uncertain; it’s the space my body occupies. The second part is a celebration of the world my mother and aunties created for me, it’s dream-like, it’s the desert and it’s my home.”

While clearly emerging from a very personal place, the intimacy and honesty of Arrey’s portrait is directed outward as the film is ultimately about the passing on of knowledge and experience to a future generation. Or, in his words, the hope that the film “will teach my nieces and nephews, as they age, that their bodies are magical.”


Director/Cinematographer: Cleon Arrey
Writer/Subtitles: Talia Arrey
Art Direction/Photography: Cheyna Carr
Choreography/Dancer: Irene Ashu
Make-up Artist: Ise Tatyana
Camera PA: JP Kouri
SFX: Bob House







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