Los Angeles-based filmmaker Joel Jay Blacker and musician Keenan The First explore the tedium of long-term relationships in this video for Keenan’s track “How It Goes.” Playing off the style of 50s era sitcoms and their tendency to favour men’s perspectives, Keenan and Blacker flip convention on its head, depicting instead a selfish figure largely responsible for manifesting his own issues (clones). As Blacker shared with us:

“In a lot of sitcoms there’s a wife that works her ass off around the house to keep the family afloat. Yet we’re supposed to sympathize with the husband, as if his decision to stay with his wife and family is some massive sacrifice on his part. You don’t get to be a hero for realizing what you have is valuable. Frankly, you might not deserve it at all.”

Watch “How It Goes” above. You can also check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below!

Directed by Joel Jay Blacker
Music Written and Performed by Keenan The First
Produced by Leviathan Filmworks

Keenan the First
Marie Oldenbourg

Producer: Nathaniel Dueber
Director of Photography: Tanner Hall
First Assistant Director: Kevin Kinsky
Script Supervisor: Samuel Roots
Editor: Joel Jay Blacker
VFX: Connor Lambert
GFX: Joel Jay Blacker
Color: Tanner Hall
Graphic Design: Sage Lamonica
Set Dressing: Amanda Silvia & Alison Brooks
Double: Choni Francis
Production Assistant: Chelsea Chaput








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