A raw portrait of modern love by Barcelona-based filmmaker Marc Lesperut. Told through a series of flashbacks and set to the recording of an intimate voice message, “Just Friends” explores a relationship that might lack definition but nevertheless overflows with its own particular intensity and emotion.

Seeing this project as more of an experimental film rather than a traditional short, the fragmented nature of the narrative offered a challenged both to the actors and Lesperut himself. As he shared with us:

“My goal as a director was to explore the capability of the actors in arbitrary scenes without letting them know the extent of the full story. It has become quite a challenge putting all the pieces together in order to form a touching sequence.”

Check out “Just Friends” above and see full credits below!


Written and Directed by Marc Lesperut
Producer: Anna Casals
Assistant Producer: Ferran Pifarré
Director of photography: Christian Moyés
Camera Assistant: Lali Rubio
Color: Christian Moyés
Editor: Marc Lesperut
Sound Design and Mix: Miquel Mestres
Song: “Staring” by Muted
Graphic Designer: Víctor Riba

She: Katrin Vankova
He: Adrià Triviño
Voice: Molly Malcolm

Marc Lesperut’s Website
Marc Lesperut on Vimeo
Marc Lesperut on Instagram


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