A beautiful short by London-based director Enrico Poli. Shot in Italy, “Not(e) for a Dreamer” parallels the changing of seasons with the transition from childhood into adulthood and offers a poetic meditation on balancing nostalgia for the past with an acceptance of change as part of being human.


Director: Enrico Poli
Creative Director: Antonio Labroca
Writer: Enrico Poli, Lucie Elliott
Cinematography: Enrico Poli, Lamberto Mongiorgi
Producer: Chiara Giavarini, Ariyan Samarbakhsh @ Whitecoat
Editor: Oscar Gogerly
Costume Designer: Antonio Labroca for M O N O – Y
Costume Designer Assitant: Luca Martino
Mini DV Footage: Guglielmo Profeti
1st AD:Andrea Pasqua
Sound Designer: Oscar Gogerly
Color Grader: Jax Harney @ CHEATIT
Composer: Mahlon Berv, Ying Sun
Cast: Matilde Benedusi, Giovanni Profeti
Hair and Make-Up: Lara Quercioli Lacciarini


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