“Love, Otisville” is a fun little dance-filled fashion film for STAY COOL NYC. Shot on a mix of Super 8mm and digital, the visuals capture the nostalgia of childhood as a group of friends explore their old stomping grounds.

Director Parker Hill says, “I came across this incredible location of Otisville Elementary, in upstate New York, and I fell in love with the rays of sunlight in the halls, and the amalgam of familiar details we’ve all passed through. From the tiny pink and blue bathrooms, to the texture of the carpet, it felt like in some way, like we all went to Otisville. In my work, I’m drawn to juxtaposing young people with old and decaying buildings. There’s something really natural about it to me. I think it has to do with the bittersweet nature of nostalgia, and longing for moments that are undoubtedly from a past we can’t return to.”




Directed by Parker Hill
Produced by Mackenzie Berkman
Starring: Amy Gardner, Morgan Quinn, and Rakeem Hardy
Cinematography by Luca Del Puppo
Choreography by Amy Gardner


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