A powerful short about women, equality and power. Filmmaker duo Dhaval Shah and Nishtha Shailajan do a wonderful job of visualizing the warrior in each one of them.

“Radical Ideas, Art and Women have one thing in common; they have been greeted with raised eyebrows and encountered with resistance throughout history. Also, these are three things that have provoked change in the course of the status quo in all societies across the world. Provocation of a thought that nudges the deepest core of an individual, at best; a society, at large; a nation as a whole and the planet beyond its super ciality has universally germinated from these.
We aim to assimilate these three together in our film, to evoke contemplation and touch the core of individuals, to look at gender inclusiveness, equality and women, sans their prejudicial blinders. This film is a holistic and artistic representation of the various facets of women, in their entirety.”

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