Great video for The Everlasters by French director Alban Coret of Ubiquity Films (previously featured here). Starring dancers Nicolas Huchard and Alexandre Cyborg, “Ordinary Tribe” follows a writer’s late night encounter with a voodoo spirit in search of the necklace of Mawu, the God of Gods.

Directed by Alban Coret
Production Company : Ubiquity Films
Producers : Clément Gaucher Holmann & Gautier Lacaille
Production Coordinator : Antoine Lemoine
Logistics : Marc Carvalho
Label : La Crème
Music Supervision : Hadrien Hennequin
1st AD : Emeline Robbes
Continuity girl : Lucie Decoster
Art Direction : Justine Mathey
DOP : Martin de Chabaneix
Editor : Hugo Lemant
Color Grader : Rémy De Vlieger
1st Camera Assistant : Mathilde Cathelin
2nd Camera Assistant : Céline Rodriguez
Key Grip : Martin Defossez
Grip : Julien Saffroy
Gaffer : Olivier Regent
Lighting Crew : Brice Roustang
Lighting Crew : Jérémie Fossoud
Set Designer : Alain Delgrange
Set Designer : Tinka Rodriguez
Interior Design Assistant : Nicolas André
Interior Design Assistant : P.A Atie
Props man : Antoine Alliot
FX : Fullscreen
FX Supervisor : Philippe Fournier
Graphic Artist : Maxime Helier
Make Up Artist : Fanny Jakubowicz
Wardrobe : Tinka Rodriguez
Wardrobe Assistant : Jeanne Ader
Wardrobe Assistant : Fanny Garnichat
Wardrobe Assistant : Chloé jaillet
Wardrobe Assistant : Charlotte Abeille
Hats : Singing Birds and Laughing Bees
Sound design : Jean-Charles Kraimps
Camera / Lighting Equipment : RVZ

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