A stylish narrative for Mercedes-Benz by director and cinematographer David Zuschlag from Cologne, Germany. “Revive” follows two wayward souls similarly drifting through life, and speeding past endless opportunities, only to find peace and quiet in each other.


Directed by David Zuschlag
DP: Cedric Schanze
Executive Producer: André Josselin, David Zuschlag
Producer: Tim Schaer
Editor: David Zuschlag
Colorist: Swen Linde (We Fade To Grey)
VFX: Thomas Kaplanek, Thorben Winkler (grown)
Composition & Sound Design: Moritz Staub (Staub-Audio)
Client: Mercedes-Benz, LG Electronics
Agency: OSK

Talents: Sarah Krause, Slavko Popadic
Voiceover text: Florian Schreiber
Voiceover talent: Manon Kahle


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