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Really appreciate Portland-based director Leah R. Brown’s commitment to creating such a perfectly weird and slightly retro vision for No Kind of Rider’s track “Distinct.” The video follows a young woman, trapped in an abstract, gallery-like space observed by an audience of one. While inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s classic The Seventh Seal, Brown is ultimately interested in uniqueness, particularly how we differentiate ourselves in the face of social pressures to fit in. As she explains:

“Conceptually, I wanted to tell some sort of visual story of what it means to be distinct and set apart in a world where the pressure weighs on the human race, specifically in Western Culture, to follow the same path that everyone else is on or enter and exit in the same way. We are constantly being watched by what appears to be an audience, but that audience is most often oppressive… having expectations that we can never live up to.”

Watch “Distinct” above and check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below!


Directed by Leah R. Brown
Assistant Director: Karina Ripper
Director of Photography: Will Walle
Gaffer: Bryndyn Mcnew
1st AC: Travis Stanton
Camera PA: Mimi Bergman
Production Designer: Jade Harris
BTS photos: Ben Weyerhaeuser
BTS Video: Melanie Brown
Wardrobe: Sarah Baker
Makeup and Hair: Meghan Hoffman
Craft Service: Melissa Shea
Brittany Donahue: Production Assistant
Dancer: Tara A. Nicholas
Audience: Dani Ransom
Editor: Leah R. Brown
Animators: Vance Reeser, Eli Savage







Leah R. Brown’s Website

No Kind of Rider’s Website


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