A lovely animated short by Taipei-born, Brooklyn-based artist and motion designer Su Hui Kai. Following from his first film, “Looking For,” which focused on the evolution of life on earth, Kai now turns his attention to the underlying problems of modern society. Noting aspects of our emotional lives that often go unnoticed, Kai explores the feelings of anxiety and alienation that plague us subtly and daily:

“I believe that over-emphasizing the importance of the individual may not be suitable for all. In our society everyone wants others’ attention, but everyone talks and nobody listens. When the Internet and smartphones came out, it became worse. When we chase our desire, which is rapidly magnified, we will all live in a state of anxiousness and feel vacant. The more we want, the more emptiness we receive.”

Find out how Kai envisions reestablishing our lost connections above. You can also check out some early character sketches and mood board from the making of the film below!

Directed by Su Hui Kai
Music: Troy Lin, Yi Chi Lin, and Owen Phillips







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