Really like the vibe of this short profile by Vancouver-based filmmaker Brock Newman. Newman beautifully balances the strength derived from a rough East-London upbringing with the vulnerability of having one’s home determined by someone else. As Newman shared with us:

Jake Quentin Lewis-Hurn contacted me about one week before he was going to be kicked out of Canada due to an expiring visa. I was compelled by the thought of someone making a home only to have it ripped away from them years later.”

Watch “Citizen” above and check out some black and white portraits taken during the shoot below!


Written and Directed by Brock Newman
Starring Jake Quentin Lewis-Hurn
DP: Blake Davey
1st AC: Joaquin Cardoner
Producer: Mintie Pardoe
Editor: Joe Carney
Music & Sound: Factor Eight
Colour: Sam Gilling






Brock Newman’s Website

Brock Newman on Instagram

Jake Quentin Lewis-Hurn on Instagram


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