So much to like in this kaleidoscopic video for Circuits Circuits’ track “Liquid Gold” by director Tony Altamirano and Portland-based studio DAD (aka Peter Dean and Tess Donohoe). When it comes to creative collaborations this project is particularly unique in that the video wasn’t just made for the song; the song was actually written, performed and produced by Dean for the purposes of the video!

“Liquid Gold” explores themes of regret, loss and yearning for the past and takes inspiration from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s famous poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Shot in several locations between Oregon and Washington, the video features many practical effects achieved via prisms, kaleidoscopes and lens whacking.

Check out Dean and Donohoe’s ambitious project above and see some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below!


Directed by Tony Altamirano
Creative Directors: Studio DAD
Producer: Stephanie Foyer
Actors: Elissa Middlemas, Dique Scott
DP: Jesse Rosten
Editor: Jesse Rosten
Production Design: Studio DAD
Stylist: Bekah Hilleson
Assistant Stylist: Mollye Pooton
ACs: Jin Ryu, Jim Stanek
Colorist: George Costakis for Piñata
PA: Ricardo Nagaoka
Special Thanks: Josh Landry

Written and produced by Peter Dean
Keyboard, Vocals: Peter Dean, Kelly Simmons
Bass: Mark Savage, Andrew Stern, Johnny Keener
Drums: Dave Shur, Brian Kramer
Engineer: Johnny Keener
Studio: Sidecar
Mix: Dana Grumbiner








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