Some interesting ideas in this dark narrative short by filmmaker Jakub Blank from Charlotte, North Carolina. Inspired by Dante’s Inferno, a man confesses his sins while at the same time defending his actions.


Director / Writer / Editor : Jakub Blank
Cinematography : Kody Zenger
VFX : Ryan Davies, Brock Gregor, Zach Zombek
Color : Jacob McKee
Original Score : Derek Schurbon
Sound Design / Mix : Jeremiah Clever
Audio Supervisor / boom operator : Christian Stropko
Vocoder Vocals : Mack Brock
Title Design : Eric Hurtgen
Make Up / Costume : Mary Taylor
1st AC : Caleb Farmer
PA : James Ross

Man : Jay Cohen
Young Man : Aaron Curiak
Black Figure : Ben Landheer

Special Thanks : Kaley Blank, Jared Hogan, Caravan


This video was submitted by Jakub Blank and selected by our team. Consider participating here if you have a project you’d like us to check out!

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