An experimental short by Montréal-based filmmaker Matt Grimard. “Fleurs: Between Us Two” opens a window into a relationship gone wrong as a young man calls for a tragic separation through the offer of an unexpected gift.

Narrated in the present yet visualized through the past, the film’s unique photo-novelesque style was created using a looping technique Grimard first delved into 2 years ago. The process required editing without the use of a computer as all the loops involve micro sequences of 6 to 8 paper printed frames, as he explained to us: “The idea was to stick both characters in micro-moments to enlighten memories we live on.”

Check out the captivating results above as well as some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below!


Written and directed by Matt Grimard
Cinematography: Ariel Methot
Editing: Mathieu Grimard
Graphic Design: Harrison Fun
Stylist: Ariane Sylvain
Set Design: Stéphanie L’Allier and Yola Van Leeuwenkamp
Makeup: Tania Guarnaccia
Sound Design: François Bélanger @ Apollo Studio
A.C.: Véronique Dagenais
Set Photography: Samuel Boisvert
Crew: Pierre-Luc Bouchard, Alix Lepage
Produced by: Asmir Pervanic and Mathieu Grimard

Starring Étienne Correia and Ariane Trépanier
Voice over by Patrick Émannuel Abellard and Chanel Lallouz
Music by Dan Shure (piano cover of Kanye West’s “Everything I Am”)






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